Jaw Stone Crusher Parts

Stone Crusher Parts

A complete stone crusher parts consists of the following, a crushing equipments, vibrating feeder, second crushing equipment, vibrating screen, sand washer, vibrating feeder electric control panel and the belt conveyor. Note however, that the parts of the equipments depend on the needs of the customer. The parts when assembled together can be used to crush stone for road construction, housing, bridges and cement products.
 Stone Crusher Parts
During the manufacturing process, the granite is fed into the jaw stone crusher so that it can reduce in size and also equalized. Depending on the size that you want, the crushed stone can be put in the jaw crusher several times. After that, the crushed stones are passed to the rotary screen for gradation of the size. Note that the material is placed on to the conveyor as it passed to different part. This means that the belt conveyor acts a transportation system for the materials.

The demand for the crushed stone continues to grow as houses are important in the society. All the constructions whether it is industrial or housing needs the usage of crushed stone. Additionally, also cement based products such as PSC pipes, RCC pipes and slabs require the usage of crushed stone. Note that the demand for crushed stone will continue to grow as the growth of its usage grows.

When you considering buying the stone crusher parts, make sure that they are compatible with the model that you have. If possible purchase from the same manufacturer where you bought the original.