Jaw Stone Crusher Parts

Stone Crusher Plant

The stone crusher plant consist of equipments such as a jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, electric system, impact crusher, belt conveyor and vibrating screen. These equipments are normally reliable, good performance, top technology and good structure. The plants usually have a design capacity ranging from 50 to 500.  It ought to be noted that sometimes the plant is designed to meet the requirements of the buyer. They may include machines such as the dust catcher, cone crusher, stone catcher and washing machine.
Stone Crusher Plant
The Stone Crusher Plant Application
The stone crusher plant is normally used in construction, mining and highway railroad and among others. Africa and India is known to be major users of this application because of the presence of minerals and other resources in this country.  The crusher is mainly of three types, the sleigh, portable and fixed. The screening and crashing capability can be as high as 500 and as low as 50. Additionally the size of the crushed material can be 0 to even 40. The size is dependent on the needs of the customer.
Note that the crushed stone is in aggregate form and when it is loaded onto the plant, it is crushed into a suitable size. The machines that are used for crushing the rock include the primary jaw, hydraulic impact and the hydraulic cone crusher. Unlike gravel which is as a result of natural causes, the crushed stone is shaped onto a particular size and when crushed it is used in making rail road.