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Equipment and processes in a coal crushing plant

Coal is usually mined from the earth, but before it can become useful, it has to be taken to a coal crushing plant so that it can be washed and any impurities can be removed from it. The size of coal has to be significantly reduced in order to increase its contact area, and this is how the energy of coal is used efficiently.

coal crushing plant

coal crushing plant

There are several equipment in a coal crushing plant including a jaw coal crusher which is the most common, an impact crusher which is also commonly used in the crushing of coal and a cone crusher which crushes the coal into fine particles. There is also a hummer crusher which is mostly used in the process of milling.

When processing coal, natural coal is first fed into the jaw crusher using a belt conveyer and then it is crushed. After that, it enters the impact crusher or the cone crusher where it is crushed into finer particles. Finally, the coal is screened out using a screening machine.

coal mining
For coal to be used more efficiently, it has to be crushed into different sizes depending on how it will be used. The size of coal used in a coal gas stove is different from the one used in a steam locomotive or in an industrial furnace. Therefore the coal crushing plant prepares coal by both crushing it and milling it.

Description of a mobile stone crusher

In stone crushing, the necessity of transporting the stone to a processing plant can make the whole task quite daunting. However, with a mobile stone crusher, this is no longer the case. This machine eliminates the problem of location as there is no place limit, and it therefore reduces the cost of transporting the material to the crushing plant. This is because the mobile stone crusher can crush the material at the mining site.

The features of this stone crusher are that it moves easily from one place to another and that its structures are compact. It is also extremely easy to operate, and it can be used in various areas. It significantly reduces the price of processing as there is no need to transport the materials from the site to the processing plant.

mobile stone rusher

mobile stone rusher

This stone crusher also has very flexible configuration and it performs well. It does not need a lot of maintenance thus increasing the convenience to the owner. The mobile stone crusher can have a jaw crusher, an impact crusher, a cone crusher, a vsi crusher as well as a vibrating screen in order to ensure that it is reliable and convenient for the users. The capacity of this type of crusher is usually about between one hundred to six hundred tons per hour depending on the make and specifications of the machine.

How Stone Crusher Works On Site

There are different places where stones are mined and all these are determined by different topologies. Machineries that get the work done are also different in strength and size and are used according to the area where the stones are being mined. Stone crushers are the machines that are used to crush the stones to smaller rocks or to powder form after mining and they are mostly used on site to make transportation easier. This is how stone crusher works.

Stone crusher wiki

How Stone Crusher Works

How stone crusher works mainly depends on the big belt wheel, eccentric frame and main rack, stone breaking machine, movable jaw and other minor components. Upward and downward movement is determined by the eccentric shaft in that when the movable jaw is up, the angle intersected between the angle and the elbow becomes large. This causes a simultaneous movement where by the material is extruded, twisted and crushed to smaller rocks.

Stone crusher wiki

Stone Crusher Works

When the movable jaw is down the same intersection angle between the elbow and the jaw becomes smaller since it’s far from the straining beam. This is the time when the crushed stones are removed through the outlet found at the bottom of crushing tunnel. The movable jaw which is the crusher is powered by a motor. By continuously extruding, crushing and recycling the smaller rocks eventually gives high quality production of the end product desired.