Jaw Stone Crusher Parts

Stone Crusher Photos

By looking at stone crusher photos, you will notice that there are various sizes of stone crushers. Each depends with the demand, geographical location and the availability of the material. The stone crushing industry can be divided into 3 categories, large, small and medium.
Stone Crusher PhotosThe small size has can produce materials ranging from 3 to 25 TPH. Such model only has a single jaw crusher which is used as a secondary and also as a primary crusher. Normally, crushers which have two screens are referred to as small stone crushers. Other types of small stone crushers include the crusher with rotary screen and manual feeding operation. This type is usually transported to the construction site and it crushes the material to 8 or 10 inches. The stones are manually separated by about ten to fifteen workers. Almost everything on this machine is manually operated.

The medium size crushers have only a single crusher with two or more vibrating screens. The stones are transported by dumpers or trucks and then are unloaded to the stone walls. During this process, the stones are fed to the primary crushers using gravity. Then the crushed stones are transported to the vibratory screen using belt conveyors.

The large stone crushers on the other hand have two or more of crushers two or more vibratory screen. They are designed to produce more t100 TPH stones. Such kind of crusher has its own mechanical mining machines and as such, it is quite an investment.