Jaw Stone Crusher Parts

March 7, 2012Daily Archives

Stone Crusher Project Report

This is a summary stone crusher project report providing all the relevant details of the jaw crusher as the leading stone crusher in the world. The stone crusher is suitable for use both in primary and secondary setting. The equipment is used in construction, mining, highway, metallurgy and chemical companies and among others. There are various models each depending on your preference and needs.
Stone Crusher Project ReportThe stone crusher uses the driving squeezing philosophy. Its principle is such that the motor drives the pulley making the jaw move up and down through the shaft. When the jaw moves up and down, the lining plate opens thus pushing the fixed to the plate. During this stage, the material is crushed until it is small enough.
As the moving jaw is done, the space between the fixed and the lining plate becomes smaller. Next, the material is placed in a rushing room and as the motor keeps circulating, the material continues to be crashed. This is done until there a huge quantity to be released.
Note that stone crushers are a small scale industry owned mostly by people who are less educated. However, over the year, it has grown and has expanded to also include the chemical industry. The problem now is that the equipments have become quite expensive for most people to afford.